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About Us

Greater Fort Wayne Inc. is the new organization that unifies the Fort Wayne – Allen County Economic Development Alliance and the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce, serving as a single point-of-contact for economic growth in Greater Fort Wayne. 
For Greater Fort Wayne Inc. to achieve exceptional results, its departments must all be in tune, rowing in the same direction. Likewise, an organization’s communications at all touchpoints must be harmonious if they are going to be truly successful.
Greater Fort Wayne Inc.'s Key Objectives: 
  • Achieve more through a common vision and leadership. Greater Fort Wayne Inc. embraces the power of aligned efforts; here, the sum really is greater than the parts.

  • Enhance community’s overall competitiveness. At the heart of all of Greater Fort Wayne Inc.’s services (whether primary or support) is the goal of enhancing our community’s ability to compete—and win.

  • Grow jobs. And not just any jobs. We must grow good jobs.

  • Increase business investment. We strive to connect with and serve businesses and organizations all across Allen County, from small-but-mighty to large-yet-innovative, from the ambitious startups to the storied legacies, ensuring they proudly call Greater Fort Wayne the home of their unique success.

  • Engage and develop leaders. Greater Fort Wayne Inc. is a future-minded organization that is intent on engaging and developing the leaders who will see us achieve our most ambitious goals, and guide us as we set new ones.

  • Create an entrepreneur-rich landscape. In our vision, we talk of being home to spirited entrepreneurs. That means we must create an environment where entrepreneurs are recruited, nurtured and coveted.

  • Attract talent. Greater Fort Wayne must be a place that gives businesses a competitive edge in recruitment, and where our brightest stars are proud to call home.
To find out more about us, contact GFW, and we can share additional information on why Fort Wayne-Allen County is the right place for business.