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Leadership Fort Wayne

For a community to cultivate better leaders it must help people become more knowledgeable, compassionate, and engaged. They must understand current circumstances and see the opportunity in vision and the importance of positive action. 
For more than 30 years, the Leadership Fort Wayne signature program has trained individuals to better understand the community and their collective and individual capacities to drive positive change through leadership and civic engagement.  
Program Overview
Leadership Fort Wayne consists of nine full-day programs (September-May), community action projects, a 360-degree leadership assessment, participation in community activities, opportunities for hands-on experiences, and an internship on a not-for-profit board of directors. Area leaders and experts provide information about the community and its history, institutions, socio-economic composition, and current issues, and professional trainers deliver leadership skill training based on the latest trends and topics being discussed today. 
  • To instill an understanding of community trusteeship and a life-long commitment to community service.
  • To provide information about the community–its history, people, strengths, challenges and opportunities.
  • To develop 21st century leadership skills and capacities.
  • To provide opportunities to practice leadership skills and utilize knowledge gained.
All applicants must:
  • Currently be working and/or living in the Greater Fort Wayne area.
  • Must have full support from their employer or sponsoring organization.
  • Show evidence of leadership in the workplace, community, or both.
  • Be willing to commit the required time to Leadership Fort Wayne.
  • Be committed to using their leadership skills and knowledge for the long-term benefit of the Greater Fort Wayne community.
Time Commitment
Participants are expected to make a commitment to the program, attending at least 80% of the regular full-day program sessions. In addition to completing out of class assignments, participants will work on a Community Action Team (CAT) project to benefit our area, provide some community service during the program year and attend specified community events as assigned, such as city or county council meeting, community arts event, etc. Any participant, who has an unexcused absence, misses the opening retreat or misses more than two monthly sessions will be asked to withdraw from the program.
Selection Criteria 
Forty individuals are selected each year to participate. An anonymous committee selects class members based on information provided on the application. The selection process seeks a cross section of the community—men and women from different career, educational, social and cultural backgrounds.
Tuition for Leadership Fort Wayne’s Signature Program is $2,000. Limited tuition assistance is available where need is adequately demonstrated (see below). The total tuition includes the following expenses for the initial Leadership Fort Wayne year:
  • Class year program days (attendance is required).
  • Continental breakfast and lunch at all program days.
  • Invitations to all LFW alumni exclusive events
  • Access to Leadership Fort Wayne’s online membership directory.

If selected, payment of tuition will be made by each participant or financial sponsor. Greater Fort Wayne Inc. accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Payment plans may be arranged upon request. Tuition for the 2014-15 class is due by September 30, 2014.

Tuition Assistance Policy
Greater Fort Wayne Inc. encourages qualified candidates to apply to the program regardless of financial status. However, through the gracious support of our alumni it is possible for us to offer a limited number of partial scholarships to those in financial need. When filling out the application please state whether you are requesting tuition assistance and give a brief explanation of the rationale behind the request. You may also contact Cheri Becker at to discuss further.