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Leadership Fort Wayne

Applications for the Leadership Fort Wayne Class of 2016 are now available!
Deadline is June 30, 2015.

In order for a community to cultivate better leaders it must help people become more knowledgeable, compassionate and engaged.

For over 30 years, the Leadership Fort Wayne signature program has trained individuals on ways to better understand the community and their collective and individual capacities to drive positive change through leadership and civic engagement.
Program Overview
Leadership Fort Wayne consists of nine full-day programs (October-May), class projects, participation in community activities, opportunities for hands-on experiences and an internship on a not-for-profit board of directors. Area leaders and experts provide information about the community and its history, institutions, socio-economic composition and current issues. Our goal of this eight month program is to train, prepare and inspire individuals to positively impact the greater Fort Wayne-Allen County through meaningful engagement.
  • To instill an understanding of community trusteeship and a life-long commitment to community service
  • To provide information about the community–its history, people, strengths, challenges and opportunities
  • To develop 21st century leadership skills and capacities
  • To provide opportunities to practice leadership skills and utilize knowledge gained
All applicants must:
  • Currently be working and/or living in the Greater Fort Wayne area
  • Must have full support from their employer or sponsoring organization
  • Have the ability to achieve personal goals
  • Availability of time and resources to commit to community service
Application and requested documentation can be sent to:
Audrea Castaneda at