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3711 Rupp Drive
A 3711 Rupp Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46815
Broker Contact Information
Tippmann PropertiesLarry HughesT (260) 490-3000
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Building Information
  • Street Address: 3711 Rupp Drive
  • City: Fort Wayne
  • State: IN
  • Zone: Commercial - Office Building

This prestigious facility, in excess of 23,000 square feet, provides professional, modern office space.

Conveniently situated at the corner of Hobson and Trier Roads, one block north of Coliseum, this two story brick office building offers suites that can be custom tailored to your specifications. Well-lit parking and quality maintenance ensures a safe and comfortable environment.

Located at the corner of Hobson and Trier Roads, one block north of Coliseum Boulevard

General Information
  • Enterprise Zone: no
  • Foreign Trade Zone: yes
  • Foreign Trade Zone: yes
Detailed Utility Information
  • Electric Service Provider: Indiana Michigan Power
  • Gas Service Provider: NIPSCO
  • Water Service Provider: Fort Wayne Utility
  • Sewer Service Provider: Fort Wayne Utility
  • Telecom Service Provider: Frontier
  • Broadband Internet: yes
Detailed Transportation Information
  • Nearest Interstate Highway: I-69
  • Distance To Nearest Interstate Highway (Miles): 3.6
  • Nearest Non Interstate Highway: US-30
  • Distance To Nearest Non Interstate Highway (Miles): 2.2
  • Nearest Major Airport: Fort Wayne International Airport
  • Distance To Major Airport (Miles): 12.9
  • Airport Runway Length (Feet): 12000
Detailed Building Information
  • Year Built: 1981
  • Total Building Size: 23851
  • Available Square Footage: 6873
  • Available Square Footage - Office: 6873
  • Largest Contiguous Square Footage: 3322
  • Floors: 2
  • Reinforced Floors: no
  • Sprinkler System: no
  • Multi-Tenant: yes
  • Free Standing: no
  • Air Conditioning: None
  • USDA/FDA: no
  • Refrigeration: no
  • Coolers: no
  • Freezers no
  • Fenced Lot: no
  • Handicap Access: no
  • Security System: no
  • Primary Construction Material: Brick