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4410 New Haven Ave. Building 107
A 4410 New Haven Ave Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Broker Contact Information
BND CommercialDavid NortonT (260) 421-1906
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Building Information
  • Bldg. Name: 4410 New Haven Ave. Building 107
  • Street Address: 4410 New Haven Ave
  • City: Fort Wayne
  • State: IN
  • Zone: Industrial - Industrial Building

A large building with open bays on either end and training rooms/offices between. It could be divided and would be excellent for use as a training facility or satellite location for a technical school or manufacturing company.

Located in an industrial park on Fort Wayne's Southeast side, just 6.5 miles from I-469 and 16.5 miles from Fort Wayne International Airport. There is rail access to the site.

General Information
  • Enterprise Zone: no
  • Foreign Trade Zone: yes
  • Foreign Trade Zone: yes
Detailed Utility Information
  • Electric Service Provider: Indiana Michigan Power
  • Gas Service Provider: NIPSCO
  • Water Service Provider: Fort Wayne Utility
  • Sewer Service Provider: Fort Wayne Utility
  • Broadband Internet: yes
Detailed Transportation Information
  • Nearest Interstate Highway: I-469
  • Distance To Nearest Interstate Highway (Miles): 5.1
  • Nearest Non Interstate Highway: US-27
  • Distance To Nearest Non Interstate Highway (Miles): 3.5
  • Nearest Major Airport: Fort Wayne International Airport
  • Distance To Major Airport (Miles): 11.1
  • Airport Runway Length (Feet): 12000
  • Rail Service Provider Norfolk Southern
  • Rail Spur: no
Detailed Building Information
  • Year Built: 1974
  • Total Building Size: 43200
  • Acreage: 35.05
  • Available Square Footage: 29280
  • Ceiling Minimum (Feet): 18'
  • Ceiling Maximum (Feet): 18'
  • Reinforced Floors: no
  • Overhead Doors: 2
  • Number Of Loading Docks: 2
  • Sprinkler System: yes
  • Multi-Tenant: no
  • Free Standing: no
  • Air Conditioning: Both
  • USDA/FDA: no
  • Refrigeration: no
  • Coolers: no
  • Freezers no
  • Fenced Lot: no
  • Handicap Access: no
  • Security System: no