Hosting a Fellow

Host Employers are some of the area’s top employers meeting the following criteria:
– Greater Fort Wayne Inc. investor
– committed to strong internship experiences for college students
– annually seek new entry-level talent.
Host employers provide exceptional internship experiences built around specific learning outcomes developed in partnership with education professionals. Internships are project based and may require the intern to work in a team, or individually. Interns attend project and department meetings, even when the meeting does not pertain directly to the work the they are doing. Employers who include interns in a variety of experiences provide a more well-rounded internship.
Each fellow has two job shadows, one taken inside the company, the other will be arranged by GFW Inc. taking place outside in the community. Job shadows inform the intern about other positions within the organization, and gives them a greater knowledge of the company.
A goal of the Fellows program is to retain talent. Therefore employers are encouraged to strongly consider their fellows for full time employment at graduation if they are graduating within twelve months, they have met performance expectations and are a good fit. Fellows not graduating within twelve months, but have met performance expectations and are a good fit should be given priority consideration for a summer 2017 internship.
Greater Fort Wayne Inc. commits to providing employers with dedicated training, and a case-management-based approach to support the host employer and intern. This includes:
– assistance in developing the internship program
– recruiting the intern
– regular follow-ups
– evaluation protocols
– one-on-one guidance and support
Email Justin at for more information about becoming a Host Employer.