Dave Sholl

Director of Corporate Investment

Dave Sholl is director of corporate investment at Greater Fort Wayne Inc. He is responsible for developing and managing projects that will transform Fort Wayne into the best quality-of-place tertiary city in the country.

Dave loves the greater Fort Wayne community because he loves the people here, their friendliness, generosity, and optimism about the community’s future. He is dedicated to his work at GFW Inc. because he sees the incredible momentum and enthusiasm building towards making downtown a great place to be.

Prior to joining Greater Fort Wayne Inc., Dave served as vice president and director of justice design at Elevatus Architecture in Fort Wayne for 32 years. Before that, Dave served as VP at Archonics in Fort Wayne for seven years.

Dave has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Notre Dame.

Dave serves as a big brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

200 East Main Street, Suite 800, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802