Time to Register Spring Internships

Students across Northeast Indiana are beginning to look for internship opportunities for the spring semester. Have you posted your internship yet? Have you begun the process of looking for the perfect intern to help out this spring?

Graduate Retention has increased our efforts on high school and college campuses in Northeast Indiana to recruit applicants for your internship opportunities and theyre ready to go! Whether you need someone to help with marketing, accounting, engineering, event planning, or even general office support there are students waiting for you!

Go to indianaintern.net to post your opportunity right now!

Oh, you’ve never had an intern? Were here to help! Contact Tyler Baker for more information about hosting an intern. We have the background to train and support you and your team as you develop a new internship program!


IMPACT AWARD Nominations due TODAY!

If you had a fantastic intern this year, remember to nominate them for an IMPACT Award! Nominations are due TODAY and only take a few minutes to complete. Click here for more information about the IMPACT Awards.

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