A Supporting Role

Alpha Rae Personnel has been providing employers with quality, consistent staffing for more than 30 years.

“Our range for employees could be from 250 people to 2500 people [at a time] based on what our clients are needing,” said Dr. Rae Pearson, president and CEO. “We have, at any given point, 800 people working monthly.”


Alpha Rae is a universal staffing service, meaning that the company provides staffing support for a wide range of industries, from engineers to IT to accounting and call centers. The agency also works extensively with the public sector.

“I’m very proud to have worked with the last five governors of the State of Indiana,” Pearson said. “We took on a project for one of the governors where we developed a staffing model for the State of Indiana for all call centers.”

While Alpha Rae takes all kinds of staffing jobs — from one day to several years — most of the company’s work are long-term hires.

“In our staffing agency, it tends to be more contractual,” Pearson explained. “A person is not there for just a day; they’re there for years and often to the point where they’re direct-hired.”

“What sets Alpha Rae apart is that we actually have formed an organization that works as a partner with our client organizations,” she added. “Whatever our clients need us to do, we customize our program to what their needs are.”

Pearson said that in the past, this has included consulting, project management, or talent searches. Each one tailored to the needs of the specific client.


“It’s not a cookie-cutter type of situation,” she said. “It’s never going to be the same program…any company we’ve worked with has always had whatever they wanted us to do in the way they wanted us to perform it.”

Alpha Rae, which is a certified woman-owned and minority-owned business, works with local, regional and national clients out of its offices in Fort Wayne.

“I love the quality of life in Fort Wayne,” Pearson said. “This is a beautiful place to live and a wonderful place to work.”

Pearson said that she invests in Greater Fort Wayne Inc. because she finds kindred spirits there: people who see a growing community and want to invest in its success. At the same time, GFW Inc. provides her business with support in the form of advocacy and research, among other things.

“I would tell anyone, even when I taught entrepreneurship: there are certain things you have to look at in your community,” she said. “If you have a service like GFW Inc. in your community, you have to invest. You can’t run a business in a vacuum, in your own personal silo. You have to be around, and in, the business community.”

“Economically, socially, and as a business, it was the right thing to do.”


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