Bridging the gap between startup and success

Innovation and hard work are in our community’s DNA.

Sweetwater originated in a Volkswagen Bus. Vera Bradley was founded in a basement. Do it Best Corp. sprang from a Fort Wayne resident’s vision and hustle. Now, all three are multi-million-dollar companies and are among Allen County’s top employers.

The Bridge Program creates a unique support system to help founders flourish. It’s the business community banding together to build the next generation of homegrown success stories. Allen County’s entrepreneurial ecosystem gets stronger, spurred by connections between startups and established companies.

Here’s how it works:

1. An established company (Bridge Sponsor) is paired with a local entrepreneur to elevate and amplify their small business.

    • Bridge Sponsors cover the majority of entrepreneurs’ GFW Inc. membership dues, as well as event tickets and program participation dues.

2. Entrepreneurs receive all the benefits of a GFW Inc. investor, including:

    • Networking events for vital business community collisions and leads.
    • Money-saving investor-only discounts.
    • Free access to our conference rooms for brainstorming sessions and key meetings.

3. Entrepreneurs receive business and skill-focused coaching tailored just for founders.

Are you an entrepreneur and ready to grow your company, leadership, and impact? If yes, then the GFW Inc. Bridge Program is right for you.

Thanks to our Bridge Sponsor companies: