Membership pricing

Annual membership dues are calculated based on the number of employees who work for your company/organization within Allen County. Each part-time employee counts as one-half employee.

The formula is:

Membership dues rate = Full-time employees + (Part-time employees x ½)

Level / Employee CountAnnual Dues
Sole proprietor$250
Investment Level 1 (2-10 employees)$400
Investment Level 2 (11-20 employees)$600
Investment Level 3 (21-50 employees)$800
Investment Level 4 (51-100 employees)$1,000
Investment Level 5 (101-150 employees)$2,500
Investment Level 6 (151+ employees)$5,000
Visionary Investor$10,000+

Discounts are available for:

  • Nonprofit organizations.
  • Members of another chamber of commerce.
  • Startup organizations less than 3 years old.
  • Organizations with more than 1 location.