Best in Class

The Best-in-Class program, launched by Greater Fort Wayne Inc., is a dynamic and forward-thinking initiative designed to connect high-achieving high school seniors to the many opportunities within Fort Wayne and Allen County. Open exclusively to students entering their senior year with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who are actively engaged in extracurricular activities, the workforce, and/or volunteer work and who demonstrate leadership qualities; this program paves the way for their future in our community.

Through a signature connection event each fall, complemented by ongoing updates about our area’s economic development and milestones, Best in Class offers a unique blend of professional development, community engagement, and career exploration. Participants will gain valuable insights into Fort Wayne and Allen County’s thriving landscape and develop meaningful connections that could guide their career paths.

The Best-in-Class program goes beyond simply enhancing current academic and extracurricular endeavors—it’s about anchoring students’ future aspirations and successes to the community that believes in them.


Connect with peers and professionals, opening doors to opportunities and fostering a network of support and guidance for your future.


Discover insights on economic development and future growth in Fort Wayne and Allen County, unlocking knowledge for your future.


Envision yourself as a future community leader, ready to significantly shape Fort Wayne and Allen County’s future development and growth.

Top Performing High School Students

Best-In-Class provides a unique opportunity for the top 20 high school seniors from every high school in Allen County to immerse themselves in our dynamic community and experience its remarkable growth firsthand.

After the submission of names by the school administration, students complete the program form to participate. This includes an invitation to attend an exclusive fall event tailored to enhance connections with local leaders and access to valuable information.