Building Momentum Downtown

Last November, the Alliance, now part of Greater Fort Wayne Inc. began plans for a marketing project to help further development in downtown Fort Wayne. After teaming up with Lincoln Foundation and ad agency, Boyden & Youngblutt, a plan was hatched to create an interactive website that would target all facets of the community from potential investors to stakeholders to the public. With that, Building Momentum was coined along with the mission of building momentum for further downtown development in Fort Wayne.

Building Momentum focuses on visualizing the progress that downtown has already made and allowing that to inspire more vision for the future. To create this vision, the website incorporates three important parts: 1.) An interactive map of downtown Fort Wayne 2.) Fun infographics of community data 3.) A playful yet, informative blog spot. Perhaps the most important of the three sections is the homepages interactive cityscape of downtown. This map highlights major investments in our community through a timeline, allowing the viewer to physically see all of the growth downtown Fort Wayne has made over the years. The last slide of the timeline shows future developments to our City, which can also be added upon as other projects arise. The infographic tabs put a creative spin on displaying important information for stakeholders and potential investors. Lastly, the blog serves as a link between the community and all the exciting things happening downtown. The featured bloggers consist of numerous people who are impacting the quality of life in Fort Wayne through arts, music, entrepreneurship, etc.

Check out for yourself. Spread the word and the momentum. Greater Fort Wayne Inc. would also like to welcome your feedback. If you have any comments or questions regarding the website, contact Molly Conner.

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