Finding the Solution


Xymmetrix (pronounced “Zim-MET-rics”) is a Fort Wayne-based software design and development company that uses technology in creative ways to solve problems. Sort of. 

 “We’re more like a solution looking for problems,” Todd Eigenschink the owner of Xymmetrix, said with a quick smile. Xymmetrix isn’t interested in reinventing the wheel, he continued, but in finding new and interesting applications for technology that can improve the lives and practices of their customers.


As a Greater Fort Wayne Inc. investor, Eigenschink said that the CEO Roundtable and Leads Groups have helped him connect with other local business leaders.

CEO Roundtables bring local executives together to foster leadership development and community engagement, while Leads Groups connect professionals from a variety of industries, who come together to share leads and discuss business ideas. Eigenschink said that events like these are a great place to network, and these networks can spread beyond just the meetings themselves.


“I’ve met some people, and been able to be a conduit to connect those people with others in the community,” he said. “I was able to make an introduction, and that’s not really my style, so it’s forced me out of my comfort zone.”

Investing in Greater Fort Wayne Inc. is also about doing right–a core tenet of Xymmetrix’s company philosophy.


“If I can use some of the resources we have–that the community has given to us–to help other people, then that’s a good thing.”

And, a healthy business climate helps everyone involved.

He continued: “Investing in GFW Inc. is…about helping other businesses. That will, eventually, help us.”


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