GFW Inc. issues statement on systemic racism and racial injustice

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Yesterday, the Greater Fort Wayne Inc. board of directors voted in unanimous support of the following statement:

We stand against systemic racism in all its forms. We stand for justice, equality, and inclusion for all.

We must confront the history of racism in this country that continues today. We will root out discrimination when we encounter it. We will continue listening to our members and neighbors of color to understand how we can more effectively serve as allies in building a better Allen County. We will continue working to ensure our community’s rise leaves no one behind.

 We must all do better.

We must pull together.

 And we will.

“While I have always been proud of the leadership that GFW Inc. provides in our community, I am most proud of the stand our board of directors unanimously voted to take against all forms of racism and social injustice,” said Beth Goldsmith, GFW Inc. board chair. “During this time of civil unrest in our nation and our local community, those with power and privilege must act within our companies to lead the change. We understand we must ‘be the change we hope to see in the world,’ and we stand ready to continue our work as allies in building a more just and inclusive community.”

About Greater Fort Wayne Inc.

Greater Fort Wayne (GFW) Inc. serves Fort Wayne and Allen County, Ind., as its primary point of contact for economic growth. GFW Inc. focuses on prosperity and community vibrancy through economic development, advocacy, programs and resources that support business success, leadership development, graduate retention and community engagement.