MindCAP Center Grand Opening Scheduled for Sept. 12

Center Uses Innovative Method to Help Clients

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Fort Wayne’s newest company helps people of all ages improve their cognition by harnessing the brain’s natural capabilities. The MindCAP Center will host a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 11 a.m., at their offices at 6507 Constitution Drive in Fort Wayne.

“We are excited to let the community know we are here and ready to provide an amazing service to both children and adults,” said Dr. Jeanne Zehr, Director and Founder.

The MindCAP Center helps people of all ages overcome cognitive challenges such as brain fog, focus issues, memory loss, addictions, ADHD, brain injury, and more. MindCAP also helps businesses develop employees’ critical thinking and leadership skills. MindCAP is the only center in North America that offers both client services and training using the Feuerstein Program, which originated in Israel.

“The Feuerstein Program uses activities, worksheets, puzzles, and games to help re-engage the brain and grow new neural pathways,” Zehr said. “We offer a unique approach to unleash the limitless potential of every individual to think, learn, and thrive. MindCAP has already served families from Pennsylvania and New Jersey at the Fort Wayne office, and has drawn individuals to training from Canada, Brazil, the Philippines, and Lithuania.”

MindCAP is currently partnering with Parkview Health in a research project for a non-pharmaceutical method for treating children 8-17 years old who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

“We are excited to partner with Parkview to conduct the research on this evidence-based program to the nearly 25 percent of children who do not respond favorably to ADHD medicines,” Zehr said.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony is open to the public. The MindCAP staff welcomes the opportunity for the tri-state area and beyond to learn more about their services.


About the MindCAP Center

The MindCAP Center provides intervention as well as professional development training in research-based programs of the Feuerstein Method, Growth Mindset, and Neuroplasticity. The MindCAP Cognitive Advantage Program offers clients of all ages advances in cognitive, emotional, and social skills in individual or small group settings, to improve quality of outcomes in life. Tailor-made workshops using brain-based methods are available for businesses, large and small, to improve productivity. To learn more about MindCAP, visit mind-cap.org.


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