Strategic Investment

The financial world is complex and often difficult to navigate. The financial service professionals at Dickmeyer Boyce can help.

“At the basis of everything we do is financial planning, and that gets at the heart of who you are and how you’re going to build wealth,” said Ian Boyce, one of the founding partners at the Fort Wayne-based financial planning and wealth management firm. “We help our clients develop, plan, and implement steps to get them to their goals.”

Boyce and his partner, Dave Dickmeyer, founded the firm in 2002. Dickmeyer Boyce added a third partner, Jeff Presley, in 2012.


“We didn’t want to be the largest firm in town, but to have a select number of client relationships and do an extremely good job of going through various aspects and stages of life with clients.”

These aspects include cash flow planning, tax planning, estate planning, and even investments, building portfolios tailored to the needs and desires of their clients.

‘Our focus has always been to do things very well and at a very high level,” he said. “At the same time we’ve always felt the need to touch more people…so we want to try to reach [new] segments as best we can while still maintaining the same level of service that our clients have become accustomed to.”


In the future, Boyce said he envisions utilizing technology to make this happen.

“We recognize that our biggest asset is really time and knowledge, and we only have so much of it,” he explained. “We also see it as a platform to encourage the younger generation to establish goals for themselves as well as see the development of their portfolio overtime.”

“Without a plan, you lack direction,” he continued. “And whether you’re just starting out or getting ready to retire, it’s important to understand how each decision you make throughout your life affects you. We often tell clients it’s about choice…realizing that ‘I can have an impact on when I can retire and how I can retire.’”


Financial planning is about creating and implementing a strategy that can help you reach future goals. Dickmeyer Boyce invests in greater Fort Wayne for a similar reason.

“My goal has never been to grow our business or increase the exposure of our business, it’s really been about educating myself or advocating elements of our community that need to be brought to the forefront,” Boyce explained. “And it’s also been about understanding the types of initiatives that are going around in our community right now…and wanting to make sure that the types of development we do are making tangible changes.”


Boyce said that GFW Inc. has given him the opportunity to see the changes that are happening on the grassroots level–for business, economic development, and the community in general–and to meet dynamic leaders who are doing things every day to make Fort Wayne better.

“We invest in GFW because we’re invested in our community, and we want to continue to see it be a vibrant place for all people to work, play, and enjoy quality of life.”



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