Upcoming survey will canvass business leaders

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Starting next week, business leaders in Allen County will be asked to weigh in on the most pressing issues they face, the state of the local economy, and other important topics. The web-based Allen County Business Survey, commissioned by Greater Fort Wayne (GFW) Inc. and managed by the Indianapolis-based Loyalty Research Center, will be open from Oct. 8-25.

“We want to get best possible understanding of what the Allen County business community needs,” said John Urbahns, president and CEO of GFW Inc. “Visiting more than 500 companies each year gives us a solid knowledge base. With the insights we gain from this survey, we’ll be even better equipped to build a nationally recognized economy in Allen County.”

Survey responses will be used in GFW Inc.’s continued efforts to build programs and provide resources that move Allen County forward.

“Our economy is so diverse. We have companies of all sizes, in a wide range of industries, and we know different businesses have different needs,” said Ellen Cutter, VP of economic development at GFW Inc. “With that in mind, it’s critical that business leaders participate in the survey. We want to tailor our services to make the biggest possible impact, and to do that, we need businesses’ input. Every response counts.”

Organizers estimate it will take about 15 minutes to complete the survey. GFW Inc. investor companies will receive a customized link to the survey via email. The survey is also available at survey.gfwinc.com.

Please note that the survey page may be viewable prior to Oct. 8 as organizers test the survey mechanism, but responses will not be collected until Oct. 8.

After data is collected and tabulated, an executive summary will be published on the GFW Inc. website.

About Greater Fort Wayne Inc.

Greater Fort Wayne (GFW) Inc. serves Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana, as its primary point of contact for economic growth. GFW Inc. focuses on prosperity and community vibrancy through economic development, advocacy, programs, and resources that support business success, leadership development, graduate retention, and community engagement.