Xymmetrix Chosen as New GFW Inc. Website Service Provider

Greater Fort Wayne Inc., Launches Updated Website

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Greater Fort Wayne (GFW) Inc., in May launched its updated website with service provider, Xymmetrix, LLC, a Fort Wayne-based company. After a request for proposal process started in January, GFW Inc., selected Xymmetrix in April because of the firm’s skills in web page development, content management, integration and interfacing, maintenance and support.

For more than 20 years, Xymmetrix has been leveraging web technologies to help businesses reach their goals. As an investor in GFW Inc., they have a deeper understanding of the intended audiences visiting the GFW Inc., website.

“Our philosophy is solving problems. Our culture is solving problems. We are able to find the problems that businesses have and articulate solutions to deliver,” Ric Johnson, application architect, said.

GFW Inc.’s new site retains the same brand look and feel of its previous site, while introducing better functionality for features like the business directory, website search, job postings and special promotions, known as Hot Deals.

In addition, as GFW Inc., introduced its 10-year vision to the community, Xymmetrix assisted with development of the vision website, www.gfwgo.com, including last week’s launch of the signature ticker that shows a live total of individuals who have signed on to support the vision.

“We understand that helping GFW Inc., achieve its objectives not only helps our local business, but also improves quality of life for everyone in our region,” Willie Swygart, director of business development said. “We understand the value in choosing the right partners and growing relationships through mutual understanding and collaboration.”

GFW Inc., is proud to partner with Xymmetrix to offer the new user-friendly interfaces the firm has created.

“We are excited to offer our investors, partners and supporters improved functionality through our website,” Cheri Becker, vice president of investor services, programs and marketing, said. “We are confident that our investors will be pleased with the updates to the investor directory and website links that provide greater access and information.”




About Xymmetrix

Xymmetrix is a Fort Wayne, Ind., web agency that has been providing companies smart and engaging online solutions since 1995. Xymmetrix develops hand-crafted, custom websites and mobile applications and works to enhance existing resources with an approach that provides better engagement, more conversions and improved results. To learn more, visit www.xymmetrix.com


About Greater Fort Wayne Inc.

Greater Fort Wayne (GFW) Inc., serves Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana, as its metro chamber alliance and primary point of contact for economic growth. GFW Inc., focuses on prosperity and community vibrancy through economic development, advocacy, programs and resources that support business success, leadership development, graduate retention and community engagement. To learn more, visit www.greaterfortwayneinc.com.